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Norway is a very special place and has become a part of our family.  The nature, mountains and fjords enrich our lives and inspire us to make the most of every day.  Our Norwegian life is about family, enjoying nature and discovering all that the Arctic blue has to offer.  We are delighted to share our home with you.

is an Australian who has always thought of herself as a city girl so when she followed Moose back to his small home town in Northern Norway her greatest life adventure began. She thought giving up a crowded city and a concrete landscape for green pastures and snowy mountains would be hard – but she was wrong.  Making a new life on the other side of the world was exciting and refreshing. Inside this working girl was a country girl waiting to happen.  L-Jay might be a little more clumsy in the country and much more naive but she has finally found home in the most unexpected place – on top of the world, in Norway.

is a Nordlending (North Norwegian) and grew up on a farm in Alta, Finnmark.  With fresh air in his lungs, country in his veins and a diet of salmon, potatoes and pure H2O from the glaciers, he found himself at the lanky height of 2m (6’7″ – that’s taller than Michael Jordan!).  Yes, he certainly is the ‘stereotypical’ Norwegian.  With a traditional Northern sense of humour, Moose has a sixth sense for the weather and a strong craving for wild adventure.  Move over Dundee, this big Norwegian will certainly show the Aussie girl how to get to ‘whoop whoop’.

Moose and L-Jay are married with two small children, Lilu and Lil’ Red. They have lived in Oslo city, Harstad, Tromsø and have now settled in Alta to run the family farm. They travel regularly to different places in Norway, mixing with the locals, getting out in nature, enjoying traditional food and feature their discoveries on the blog. They find great joy in sharing their Norwegian experiences with readers from all over the world. They share their personal knowledge and insights, discoveries, and take pride in providing readers with original photos and content.

‘We endeavour to bring you a quirky and colourful adventure full of animated stories, fabulous pictures, yummy food, great travel tips and useful information.  We are excited for you to share in our experiences as we discover the kingdom of the North.’

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