Pre-existing Conditions Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Get Life Insurance

A pre-existing condition means you are having a medical condition that already exists when you are looking for a Life Insurance Plan. It means you have already taken a treatment of some disease earlier while taking a life insurance Policy. There are several conditions like Diabetes, Heart diseases, AIDS/HIV, Cancer, Kidney disease, Hepatitis etc. It is difficult for you to take life insurance policies for these types of diseases. But there are many different factors which affect your decision for buying life insurance. For example: – if you are had a heart attack a decade ago and you are looking for life insurance, your chances of getting it at a lower premium than a person who had it six months ago.

If you are having some pre-existing condition and thinks that you can’t buy life insurance policy for your loved ones to be taken care after you. Then your assumption is wrong and I want to tell you that you are safer side and you can still buy life insurance policy for you to be benefited to your dear ones after you.

Purchase and premium of your life insurance policy with pre-existing condition depend upon two major factors like severity of the disease and timeline. How well you are handling your condition also matters while you are purchasing a life insurance policy. Many people experienced minor health problems and cured it many years ago and spending disease-free life since long. For example, you had a stage one cancer and you treated it well to be cured. Now after 10-12 years you are living a cancer-free life. Many insurance companies are willing to offer your life cover insurance policy at a slightly higher premium than normal life cover insurance policy.

If you are conscious about your health and taking preventives and precautions to improve your health condition by following, what is needed to cure it then you can assure insurance providing company that you are controlling your illness well. You can assure your insurance company about your improved health condition and healthy lifestyle routine with tips and pointers from HealthIQ.