Trump’s Can Be Removed From His Office By a Bill of Incapacitated President Supported by Democrats

25 ranking Democrats member from the house Judiciary Committee are currently pushing an alternative paths for president removal. Under the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution they are rising a bill that would create a Congressional “oversight” commission which could able to declare that president is incapacitated, leading to his removal from office.

On Thursday midnight, just after Trump tweeted about MSNBC cable host Mika Brzezinski in crude and about personal terms, Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., the chief sponsor of the bill sent emails concerning the issue to his colleagues urging to get behind the measure, said it was og   “enduring importance to the security of our nation.”

Raskin told Yahoo News on an interview “In case of emergency, break glass,” also added that “If you look at the record of things that have happened since January, it is truly a bizarre litany of events and outbursts.” Raskin was asked whether Trump breaks the 25th Amendment by his attack through tweet. He replied “I assume every human being is allowed one or two errant and seemingly deranged tweets. The question is whether you have a sustained pattern of behavior that indicates something is seriously wrong.”The 25th Amendment was adopted in 1967 in an immediate act to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and past presidential medical crises — including the heart attacks of Dwight Eisenhower and the illnesses of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson — to deal with instances where presidents become incapacitated and unable to perform the duties of their office.

A provision known as section 4 which gives pretty much authorization to vice president and other members from cabinet to decide whether president is “unable or incapacitated to work”. The result can be removal of president. It’s a policy that has never been used.