What To Do When You Are Bloomington, Minnesota

The following article was originally published on maiden-voyage-travel.com on 1/10/18.

Bloomington is a fun-filled city with lots to do, and any visitor to the states should look into this great city. Bloomington is located very close to the Twin Cities, which makes it an attractive place to visit. There is culture, shopping, and nature to enjoy, and it always keeps me coming back every year. This is my short guide to what you can do in this part of the world. I hope you enjoy reading more about it.

Mall of America

You have not been shopping until you have been to the Mall of America. This is one of the most unreal places to visit and is actually the largest indoor mall in the whole of the United States! With over 500 shops that offer tax-free shopping and over 50 restaurants to enjoy, there is no doubt that you will find exactly what you are looking for. It truly is an unforgettable experience with things like the Nickelodeon Universe and the Minnesota Aquarium all in one place. The sheer size of the place is something you will not forget, and it truly is a wonderful place to shop til you drop.

Lake of the Isles Park

It is hard to argue with the 5 million or more visitors to this beautiful park each year, and there is a good reason why people flood to this park year after year to enjoy the 3 miles of shoreline that the park offers. To be honest with you, it is one of the nicest parks you are likely to see in the USA. Depending on the time of year, you can experience things such as ice skating, walking, cycling, hockey, canoeing, fishing, New Year’s Eve festivities, and more. Personally, I love canoeing through the Chain of Lakes Park, where you can access each of the lakes through the canals that connect each lake. This would be at the top of my list for activities in Bloomington.

Walker Art Center

This beautiful example of modern architecture is also a great modern art museum that’s world-renowned for its visual arts, design exhibitions, music performances, and film screenings. The huge sculptures that line the grounds are famed works by Claes Oldenburg. My favorite has to be the giant badminton shuttlecock. It truly is amazing seeing such a unique and surreal museum.

Weisman Art Museum

The Weisman Art Museum was designed by world-famous Frank Gehry, and the structure has received numerous awards. The museum is named after Frederick Weisman and features over 25,000 works, including pieces by many excellent contemporary American artists. There are also many interesting events and other exhibitions here too, such as Korean furniture, ancient Native American Mimbres pottery, yoga, and so much more. The Weisman is just down the street from the U.S. Bank Stadium and many nearby hotels, making it a lovely neighborhood to explore.

Bloomington is a fantastic city full of culture. Remember these recommendations the next time you’re planning a trip to the area.